Fishing Trip- Cairns-Lazyfisho

Fishing Trip- Cairns-Lazyfisho

Lazyfisho trip to Cairns 2019

Well here is our first Lazyfisho blog that will be following the many fishing trips we take each year. Today’s blog will be about our Cairns 2019 fishing trip. I hope you enjoy.

I am not much of a writer; however, I love fishing, so this will be great a way to reflect after being on such a fantastic fishing trip, so here goes.

It all started with the usual sitting around talking about our next fishing trip. We had been to Queensland many times chasing many fish, however this time we thought we would actually prepare a little more.

What fish are we targeting? What rod and reels will we need to take? How long are we going for? How much gear can we fit in our fishing tackle bags and what is the excess luggage going to be at the airport? What new fishing tackle do we need to buy or just simply want? The usual questions people ask when they are going on that next fishing adventure.

As most of us do, we started to work out when we were going and trying to organise time off from work. Could we then co-ordinate this with the blokes on the trip (usually someone ultimately can’t) before the actual planning starts.

With this in mind, one of the guys thought ‘let’s look at the moon phases’, something I have never really looked at. The guy is adamant about the benefits to the lead up of the new moon or the first 4 days after. He states if there is a crescent moon at the bottom, it is like a bowl and you can fill it up. If the moon is later in the month and the crescent is at the top facing down all the fish fall out. Now I am not much for believing in these types of philosophies. I simply go on past experiences such as days, times and tides and go from there when I am planning a fishing trip, however I thought why not let someone else organise it for a change. With that in mind, I simply switched of and started thinking about fishing tackle.

We were going to be targeting top water fish such as GT’s, Bass, Tuna and I was wondering whether to take 2 or 3 popping and stick bait rod and reel combo’s or just one. Of course if you are on a hot bite and lose your rig it is quicker just to switch over if you have a bust off. Then of course, I use a different rod for stick baits than I do for popping so in the end I decided to take 2 rod and reel combos for top water.

I also knew we would be jigging and bait fishing; this then comes with its own challenges. How deep is the water? What types of fish are we targeting? What line is on each reel and what is the rating of the rod? How heavy are the jigs we are using and which rod and reel combos will swim the jig the best?

So now I consider taking one light rod and reel combo to add more line that way I can fish deeper, but then I also need a heavier combo because I lost lots of good fish (maybe because of sharks) on our last trip up to north Queensland so I would definitely need one light and one heavy combo.

So then what about bait fishing? What rigs am I going to use and how many rods and reels can I not only take but will fit on the boat as well? The minimum I was looking at was 5 fishing rod and reel combos before I even start looking at terminal, lines and lures.

With all this in mind, I start now going through the options in my mind and changing what I am taking each week. Yes… the trip was still 6 months away (surely, I am not the only one).

This continuous changes as I talk to the other 3 guys that are coming on the trip, along with chats to the charter operator as to what he is willing to do. Where will he be taking us? What types of fish should be biting around that time and, of course, the wind and how this will impact where we will end up fishing?

After months of planning and getting closer to the actual trip the moment of truth arrives. The finale decision needs to be made about how much I am taking, and will I actually have enough. I decide on my favourite reels for top water, a Saltiga and Stella. The ever-present fear of loosing good fish is present. ‘Heavy’, I say to myself. ‘I am taking heavy gear and that way this won’t happen’. Famous last words.

Whilst I am not an over technical fisho, I like to make sure above all else that I am going to have fun and enjoy the fishing trip. I revert back to asking the other guys what they are taking and a final decision is made. A couple more Shimano’s and Daiwa’s, a couple of rods and I am packed.

At this time I had just bought out the Lazyfisho Barb Eye collection of poppers and stick baits. And as I had only done some testing, this would be a fantastic opportunity to really give them a good work out. I also recently designed the Abalone Glow Barb Eye jigs so they are in as well. Now to terminals and extra line just encase, Owner, BKK, Shimano, Daiwa they all go in our Lazyfisho 65 Litre tackle bags with ease and suddenly we are ready to go.

The plan was to leave from Adelaide and head to Cairns. There the trip can begin. Sorted.

Well not quite 3 days before we are about to fly out, the boat we are booked on blows a motor…. Omg

Ok, don’t panic. We still have 3 days, everything is booked, and it’s going to happen. After much negotiation with Jason from Topwater Sportfishing we secured another boat, 1 day to go… plenty of time.

We land in Cairns and now, finally, let the fishing begin.

To be continued………………….


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