Lazyfisho Cairns Trip 2019 part 2

Lazyfisho Cairns Trip 2019 part 2

Lazyfisho trip to Cairns 2019

And so, the journey continues………………………………

We finally arrive in Cairns, and after leaving a freezing Adelaide we were greeted with the usual north Queensland heat. All excited, we wait at the carousel fir our bags and most importantly, to make sure our fishing rods and fishing tackle made it… clothes not so much, as we all had Lazyfisho backpacks with all we needed for a week. Ok, now time to get to this new boat and make sure we were organised with food, water and just a little bit of alcohol to take care of those sore muscles which we were bound to get from catching all of these fish.

We arrive at Yorkies Knob and take all of our gear down to a boat. Full of adrenaline and excitement we asked what do we do? We head to the bar for a quick meal and a beer. I have to say that the meals at Yorkies Knob Boating Club are pretty damn fine. This is where we start game planning. What did we want to catch, what gear were we setting up and who was fishing where and when, just the usual pre fish talk. This is closely followed by the usual back and forth between who thinks they are going to catch what fish and how big.

We had 2 guys a, father and son, Steve and Petros, on the trip who had never fished northern Queensland. Even more they had never fished for GT’s, so we were pretty excited to make sure they landed a fish before Chris and I even cast a lure.

Finally on board we can see this is a cracking boat with all the mod cons and air conditioning. It has a shower and even a flat screen TV. Wow. We hurriedly pick our bunks and get the fishing tackle out and start to rig up. As the sun sets, we are ready. We are heading out in the morning and we are all pumped.

Whilst I love fishing and love being on the water, I don’t know a lot about boats, only to say if it was comfortable clean and did it help us catch fish hahaha.

Day 1

We leave from Yorkies Knob Marina and head out towards the Great Barrier Reef on our way to Ribbon Reefs. This is such a magical part of the world with beautiful water and amazing scenery and, of course, the fishing is amazing. Our goal was pretty simple, enjoy 4 days of fishing, land a few fish and relax. Jason, our skipper from Topwater Sportfishing, is amazing at finding fish, as well as being a really great guy. We have been lucky enough to fish with him 3 or 4 times before and he always seems to find the fish. Jason was sure it was going to be a good few days and the fishing would be great (I guess he has to say that).

To do a bit of a warm up for the 2 new guys, we hit up a wreck and do some jigging to warm up the arms. First drop everyone gets a fish, however, as promised we let the two newbies go first and their smiles and laughter made the trip worth it. It’s funny how I get just as much enjoyment from catching fish as I do seeing people catching them, especially when it’s their first time, or a new species. That look of pure joy never fails to put a smile on my face.

First we get a red fish and trevally on board and now off to the reef to find some bigger species. We decide to do some trawling on the way and pull in the odd fish here and there as well as a nice yellow fin tuna, which will make a nice dinner tonight. It is a fair way to Ribbon, so we decide to jig a few spots on the way and try a few new products. I was keen to see how our Lazyfisho barb eye abalone glow jigs worked up here rather than just in South Australia.

The Lazyfisho barb eye abalone glow jigs didn’t disappoint at all. They landed all kinds of fish from trevs, to nannies, so we new were on a winner. This is a big difference in product testing with one or two species to testing them on 20 in a day like in Queensland. As we make our way up this beautiful coastline, we see everything from dolphins, to rays and everything in between. I find it fascinating how quickly the reef changes, not only in colour but also in the natural structure that are formed over many years.

Having warmed up, it is now the time the boys have been waiting for… time to cast some poppers and stick baits at some bigger fish…


To be continued


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