Lazyfisho Cairns Trip part 3 2019

Lazyfisho Cairns Trip part 3 2019

Lazyfisho trip to Cairns 2019....3

The journey continues…

The day began with a few smaller fish, and then we started to get some big boys and girls aboard. It was now time to switch out and test the Lazyfisho Barb Eye Poppers and Stick baits. Once again, I was absolutely over the moon with the ease, we could cast them, balance and overall performance. The only thing I will add to the next order will be a couple of extra coats of epoxy, and whilst, yes, that will add a little more weight for rougher water, it will enable better durability for our customers.

As the night fell on Day 1, the red fish came out to play. This was another chance to play with some Burns Jigs along with the Lazyfisho Barb Eye Abalone Glow jigs, and goodness me did they light up at night. The great thing about the end of the day is we have had something to eat, and whilst having a quiet drink, the fish just came on when timed with the tide. We had an outgoing tide with plenty of baitfish coming through with hardly any wind. This made for an awesome drifting session over some drop offs before we came in close to anchor for the night. We managed to land a couple of nice size largemouth nanagi and coral trout, along with a heap of other passers bye which we could eat for dinner over the next few nights, which was awesome. We then anchored up, got some shuteye and prepared for day 2.

We decided to get going early, as we had a fair way to go to reach Ribbon Reefs. So we trawled a bit, had a look around on the way for some Spanish and some Tuna, whilst most of the time just enjoying the beautiful Australian reefs.

Once we got most of the way to our destination, the tides pushed in and so did the bait. Out came the big rods and it was game time for GT’s, and oh my goodness did they want to play. Along all of the bommies, were fresh bait and the fish chase them with 4 of us casting two with stick baits, and two with poppers. Each cast we caught a GT. I personally haven’t seen such an amazing day of solid GT fishing with schools and schools around us chasing bait. We continued on this hot bite for over an hour and then the bait left and so did the GT’s.

Time to head wider and sound up some fish for a jigging session. We push out about 20 miles, and sure enough fish are sitting on a ledge waiting just for us (well in my head anyway). We get excited, hoping for some different species and the mythical doggie. 1st drift brings a couple of hits, nothing too big. Then all of a sudden Chris has a big hit and then nothing. Everything stops. He calls doggie and I call BS, however, we head back for another drift.

Somewhere between 55 metres and 75 metres… bang, bang and Petros and Chris were on. Chris said “this is not a bad fish” and Petros is not saying much at all, so it’s either really small or a really big fish and he is playing it cool. Chris is up first and I couldn’t believe a red dog, he caught a mangrove jack out here. I had never seen that done before, as I had only ever seen them in close to shore or in the rivers. So I put it down to the fact he was still testing the Lazyfisho Abalone Glow Jig. Actually we all were. Then it seemed that Petros’s fish had realised it was hooked, so we are all calling shark. As the guys get the banter started, a little ‘what’s wrong with you, why is it taking you so long,’ and ‘its only a bait fish. My Datto 180b pulled harder than you!’ A sudden colour shows on the surface… Petros on his first fishing trip to Queensland had hooked a Dog Tooth Tuna can you believe it?

This is one of those special moments where Petros’s puts it down to skill and we all call beginners luck ha. Either way, it was a cracking fish and Petros did well to land it because he wasn’t using particularly heavy gear. A few quick photos later and back down we go again. Now everything and anything under the water are having a crack. It didn’t matter if it was on the drop, the fish were hungry and we had an absolute ball. To be fair, Petro was still in the corner admiring his doggie.

After a good few hours of moving with the ledge and finding the fish, it was tide change. We head back to find some more top water fish and see if we could replicate this mornings session.

We then repeated this for the next 3 days with fish after fish coming into the boat.

We released more than we kept, limit your kill, don't kill your limit.


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