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Lazyfisho Products 2020

Lazyfisho New Products 2020

With interesting and unnerving times around the globe at the moment I thought I would reflect on the last 12 months here at Lazyfisho and some of the new designs and products we have come up with.

Whilst thinking about my brand Lazyfisho and our logo, I also wanted a theme design sign just to be different in the market. I was really happy with the name and the business logo, however I wanted to be able to have a range of products under this that had a collection or a unique name. I spend months looking at designs, drawing pictures and trying to have something that was versatile that could go on a bag, lure, shirt or what ever I designed and not look out of place. I finally settled on The Barb Eye design. A simple yet effect use of an eye design with a hook and barb. Then once I was happy with this I new I could take on designing new and different variations on products using either just a straight business logo or the new Barb Eye and I had options.

So where and how did I come up with some of my designs.

A few years back I was fishing in the Northern Territory in Australia on a charter and we caught some nice fish that we were going to eat. The charter operator pulled out a bar mat rolled along the side of his boat to fillet the fish and I thought what a great idea. This later was my inspiration to do the Brag Mat/ Bar mat which was multi-purpose for fishing, filleting, cutting bait or simply on a bar.

Over the next few trips over the next few years with different fisho’s and charter operators I always took a keen interest not only in the gear and products they had, also how they stored and used them.

I always seemed to have so many different boxes, bags and terminals that I took just encase and this seemed to be the normal thing no matter where I went or who I fished with.

So, each time I went I looked at what I thought was practical or interesting and thought I wonder how I could improve on this, whilst I have absolutely no engineering or design back ground I started just drawing ideas and designs that I thought could work. This grew into some products we have today and others that simply didn’t go anywhere, well for now!

Late in 2017 early 2018 whilst on a topwater fishing trip of Queensland there were a group of 3 fisho’s all stocked with our own tackle, terminals, rods and reels and we basically had a mini tackle shop on the boat and we used maybe 2% of the stuff we carried. This is what started me to look at designs of tackle bags and boxes, along with jig bags. I started with a jig bag, went to a popper lure roll and then to a bigger tackle bag. After a few more trips and looking again at what we took and used and the space needed each time I took a new design and tested it and then tried to improve on this. The final result for this was the Ultimate Top Water Fishing bag, being 65 litres, it was big enough to carry everything I wanted to take, along with having practical inserts to hold the bag open and clear plastic pockets for lures, poppers and stick baits.

Then each time I went on a trip I always carried a couple of hand towels to clean my hands or to wipe off slim or bait no matter what fishing I did. This didn’t really go over that well with my wife as I seemed to lose them and also of course my wife never wanted to have them back. So, I started buying microfibre towels in big bags from Bunnings and Supercheap and whilst they are effective, they seemed a bit small and I was always dropping them around the boat. So, I looked at waffle towels that golfers use to wipe and clean balls and their size. The practical size and the way they absorbed water. Mud and dirt got me thinking why can’t I change and adapt the 2. So, in 2019/2020 I designed the Barb Eye Bait Fishing Towel that is microfibre and waffle with a loop end so I could tie this on to my belt or bag.

What’s instore over the remainder of 2020 and going forward, I honestly don’t know all I am sure of is that I love fishing, meeting new people and designing products and services and I will continue to do so. I have a few more designs I am working on for variations on products to either simplify, improve, make them stronger, lighter, waterproof or simply something new.

I am excited about what the future holds for the company and one thing for sure is that I will continue to learn and grow with each attempt, success and failure going forward. Whilst I don’t really see a design as a failure, I just see it as another opportunity to improve an ok product.

Bring on the rest of 2020 and I hope that with everything that is happening around the world people start to appreciate each other more and re connect.



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