Vancouver 2020 Sturgeon Fishing

Vancouver 2020 Sturgeon Fishing

Lazyfisho Vancouver Sturgeon Fishing 2020

Whilst on holiday in Canada this year, I had the privilege of chasing Sturgeon. We had planned to go within the first few days of arriving in Vancouver, however, since it had snowed for most of the week before we got there, the top of the river had frozen over. 

So, after a week of patiently waiting for a break in the weather, we finally got a day with no rain and no snow. This is how it went.

We got up early, as we needed to travel over an hour to get to the part of Fraser River where we were going to hunt these beasts. We arrived 15 minutes early and our guide was already there and ready to go.

The path was an old timber walkway down the side of the boat ramp with lots of lumber around. It was a very different ramp and location than I am used to fishing in. 

We chose to go with Lang’s Fishing Adventures after I had reached out to a couple of people on Instagram and Facebook asking for recommendations to chase Sturgeon. Hands down Lang’s had the best reviews.

Below is the link for Lang’s Fishing Adventure (highly recommend) 

We got on the boat, my first jet boat, and were away! It was only a 15-minute run to the first part of the river where Sturgeon are known to frequent. As we started heading up the river I saw something I had only ever seen on TV. A tug boat was pulling logs down the river and there were men on the side typing them up (wow). So we have timber being towed passed us on the river and snow covered mountains of the USA and Canada in front and around us. It was simply spectacular.

It was also the first time I had fished with Salmon Roe in women’s tights. It was actually tied under the hook and not through it, interesting.

Over go three lines at the first drop and it wasn’t long before we had some bites. It can only be described as whiting-like. It was not huge bites and didn’t last long. I thought obviously because its winter there are only babies here, boy was I wrong. 

After missing the first 3 strikes, I finally hooked one. It’s hard to describe the feeling and the power that these amazing fish have. I will only say that they are strong. It went from a Whiting bite, to Tuna and then to Shark. I was so happy that I was on, it was just a matter of landing this thing. Because it is river water, it wasn’t clear for more than a foot or two so I had no idea what it looked like only that it was strong.

After 5 minutes I finally got to see what was trying to pull me over the side. It was a Sturgeon, on our very first drop. Sturgeon are very pre-historic looking with a long head, spines/scales on the top and sides and it’s body is really long, almost crocodile like.  

I finally got it to the side of the boat and it was everything I had hoped for and more. They don’t really smell much, look clean and also tough with no big teeth, just really strong gums. A bit like a Port Jackson shark. It was such a great feeling to travel half way around the world and target and land a specific fish.

Then it was my daughter Brooke’s turn to have a go and no disappointment, Brooke get’s a cracking fish that at one point nearly pulled her in. However, as Brooke is so competitive that was never going to happen as most trips Brooke always out fishes me.

The expression on her face as she was muscling it towards the boat was priceless (been told I can’t post it). Most pleased with herself as we both had one each now the challenge for the day could begin. We usually have some sort of challenge from the biggest to the smallest, the longest to the quickest to boat.

To say we had an amazing time would be an understatement between the scenery, the fishing and a new country it couldn’t have gotten any better.

On our next trip I am also hoping to target Salmon, Steelhead and Halibut, we will just check the season.



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