Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters Australia 

We have partnered up with some of the best charter operators and guides in Australia who we would gladly recommend and who we have used before. These professional charter operators and guides are in the Northern Territory and New South Wales. We have carefully selected fishing charter operators that we have used and trust and know they will look after their clients. 

When recommending fishing guides and fishing operators we only recommend people we have used and had multiple fishing trips with so we can ensure that they are consistent and reliable.

We also consider the fishing tackle that they use, how well it is maintained and the way in which they engage with their clients, how clean their boat is and if they provide any other services such as lunch or dinner.

In the Northern Territory we have partnered with Peter Barnes of Territory Guided Fishing as he has been a guide and operator in the Darwin area for over 20 years and has an amazing record in landing fish.

Territory Guided Fishing has also recently added their own mothership to enable a comfortable stay on an extended tour and safe travel time from coming in and out each day to give you more fishing time.

In New South Wales we have chosen to work with Wildside Sports Fishing.

Jason has been in the business for many years and was a guide and operator in Darwin for over 10 years and then decided to move his family to South West Rocks.

Jason purchased a contender open boat and for those who have not fished out of a contender they offer an amazing amount of room to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

Jason continues to expand the types of fish that he targets from river fishing for flat head or blue water for Kingies and other pelagic species.

In Cairns we have Jason Legg who has been a guide for many years including over 4 years with Nomad and his skills and experience are second to none. From chasing Marlin to Jigging Jason covers it all on our beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

It doesn’t matter if you are after Pelagics or bread and butter species for the table Jas has you covered.

Jason operates out of a few different vessels so regardless of its a day trip popping or jigging or a week away to catch a fish of a life time, Topwater Sportfishing will exceed all of your needs.

Want to do that fishing charter of a life time we can help

We have trusted fishing charter partners that we have used and trust to ensure that you have an amazing day on the water.