Fishing Jigs

Fishing Jigs

Whilst jigging for fish only appears to have been recently picked up in the Australian main stream fishing tackle industry over the last 15 years, jigging for fish has actually been a favourite past time for many years all around the world.

Here at the Lazyfisho online tackle store we are looking for fishing jigs that we know work and will help our customers land that fish of a lift time.

When sourcing the types and shapes of fishing jigs to sell we wanted to be able to cater for beginners right through to the jigging experts and everywhere in between.

When we started our search for fishing jigs, we thought we would look at a few non stream fishing jigs and see if we could buy some to sell.

We were fortunate enough to find an Australian supplier for Burns Jigs which were developed and made overseas and in some ways were leading the way many years ago.

Whilst talking to the supplier with regards to the Burns fishing jig collection we were able to source all their stock and as we had used these fishing jigs before we knew that they were effective and worked.

Whilst searching for different types of fishing jigs to bring to the Australian market we also decided to design a few special fishing jigs of our own.

With the introduction of our own Lazyfisho Abalone barb eye fishing jig range we have been able to really take our fishing jig collection to the next level.

In an ever-changing market in the fishing tackle industry we will continue to search out and source non main stream fishing jigs to assist all of our customers no matter what type of jigging they enjoy most.



  • High pitch fishing jigs
  • Slow pitch fishing jigs
  • Knife fishing jigs
  • Butterfly fishing jigs
  • Mechanical fishing jigs
  • Micros fishing jigs
  • 40 g through to 250 g
  • Easy to work through the water
  • Hard epoxy finish
  • Highly Reflective
  • Abalone
  • Barb eye

Fishing jigs that will help you catch that fish of a life time

We have newly designed and tried and tested metal/lead fishing jigs.

It doesn't matter if you prefer slow pitch, high pitch or fast pitch we have the fishing jigs to help you.