GT Lures

GT Poppers and Stick baits 

We have sourced a mix of traditionally designed well balanced wooden poppers and stick baits in our GT Lure collection.

The Lazyfisho Barb Eye Collection of GT Poppers and Stick baits have been sourced by going straight to the manufacturers in Asia to ensure we maintain consistant and only the best quality.

All GT wooden poppers and stick baits have a full through wire harness with a high-quality crane swivel. These have high reflective stickers and a great quality finish with a strong epoxy.

From the humble beginning of carving out our own GT Poppers and Stick Baits and hand painting them ourselves in the back shed, we have been able to send our design away to get quality and quantity products made with our designs.

We are constantly trying new colours, shapes and designs to ensure that we have the right products to catch fish and through this process we are then able to decide which GT Poppers and Stick baits we will continue producing.

Through our journey of designing, testing and selling we have been fortunate enough to have a few fishing tackle stores agree to stock our products in store and we will continue to listen to the store owners’ and customers. By doing this we can continue to learn and grow and hear directly back from more of our customers.

We will continue to test new GT Lure Poppers and Stick bait designs and patterns to ensure that we bring only the best at an affordable price to our customers.



  • Lazyfisho barb eye wooden poppers
  • Lazyfisho barb eye wooden stick baits
  • Floating stick baits
  • Sinking stick baits
  • Abalone shell floating stick baits
  • Glow paint 
  • Trade mark barb eye to attract the fish
  • Wooden
  • GT Lures



GT Popping Lures and Stickbaits

Gt Popping lures are a must for any top water fisho along with GT Stickbaits.

We have designed the new Lazyfisho Barb Eye collection made from quality timber and with proven colours that work.

Why nor order online today and catch that fish of a life time.