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Lazyfisho online fishing tackle store

Lazyfisho designed products section will have our own designed fishing tackle products. Our Lazyfisho Online Fishing Tackle Store is located in Adelaide South Australia.

Lazyfisho fishing apparel range includes singlets, long sleeve plain fishing shirts, long sleeve sublimated fishing shirts. We also have shorts and cargo pants in our fishing apparel range.

At Lazyfisho we are always looking for that edge to ensure our customers only get the best quality and reasonable prices to ensure you enjoy a great day on the water.

Whilst we are working with manufactures to ensure that we gain access to non-main stream fishing tackle products, we are also looking to continue to design, develop and improve what’s on offer.

Our ultimate goal is to look at all types of fishing to enable us to source products that are wanted and needed by our clients, it doesn’t matter if you prefer top water fishing and require GT Poppers and Stick baitsfishing tackle storage or local river fishing for Yellow belly or Callop.

Once we receive feedback from our customers on the types of products and services they are after, we will look at how, where and when we can get them. More importantly we want to get them in and test them before we would even consider selling to the market.

One of the greatest things we have now is access to all types of technology and businesses that 10 years ago we wouldn’t have been able to find, now it is a matter of finding the best of the best and bring these fishing tackle products directly to your door.

Australia’s fishing tackle industry is very competitive and that is great for the average fisher person, who doesn’t want or have the time to go searching for hours for a single item and that’s where we come in. If we don’t have it and you want it, we will do our best to source just what you are after.

With the power of the internet we can search through reviews and feedback of what we can expect from the manufacturers, the quality and the speed and which they can be produced. Along with if something does go wrong or doesn’t meet our quality assurance test how can we get this rectifies quickly and as painlessly as possible.

So, what does all of this mean to you the end consumer.

It simply means that we will take our time in sourcing, designing and delivering new and existing fishing tackle to our new and existing customers as we slowly build our Lazyfisho brand and products and innovations we want to continue with.

Our goal is to be here for the long term and build and develop relationships with fisho's all over the world and to help you share this passion.

Our desire is to be the best of the best in delivering exceptional products with exceptional customer service and bring the fishing and tackle industry to your door.

So, check back on a regular basis to see what we have on offer that may just be that next piece of fishing tackle that you need to assist you to have an amazing day on your next fishing or camping adventure. You just never know what our shop will have online and will be able to deliver direct to your door.

If there is something you need don’t be afraid to ask and we will do our absolute best to help you.




Lazyfisho new range of products to assist all of your fishing needs