Lazyfisho is an online Fishing Tackle Store and will be adding Gold and Prospecting Equipment based in Adelaide South Australia. 

As a person who spent his whole life working in corporate Australia, I wanted to be able to add value to people from all walks of life my way.

I then spoke to people involved in the fishing tackle business to see where the gaps were and how I could bridge that gap by designing quality products that I would use and that would last.

I then designed the Lazyfisho 65 litre fishing tackle bag and incorporating other tackle bags within the one so we could minimise the about of bags yet maximise the about of tackle we could take. We also wanted a product that would last and not have the zippers break or have all our terminals get wet whilst out on the water at the beach or river. Therefore, we choose to go with PVC tarpaulin material, so it is flexible yet tough to handle being thrown around. By also adding adding clear plastic pockets around the inside of the bag I was able to maximise space and the amount of tackle that could be carried.

As I love Top water fishing for GT's and other species we looked at lures being mainly Poppers and Stick baits that are on the market, thinking about success we had had and why. Then we looked at designs and colours we know will work. Most importantly we wanted to make sure they were of an extremely high standard yet affordable at the same time. This is when we came up with the Lazyfisho Barb Eye collection.

Since starting out I have also looked at fishing jigs, other storage bags along with comfortable fishing apparel to add to our Lazyfisho online tackle store.

We have been extremely fortunate to find fishing tackle stores in Australia who would like to stock our Lazyfisho products and we will continue to work with these experienced tackle shop owners to bring new products to market.

As I continue to see opportunities for non-mainstream fishing tackle products and apparel, we will continue to expand our range to meet the need of our customers.

Whilst we are not looking to stock every type of fishing tackle and accessory that is on the market, we will make sure that what we do design and sell will be of high quality and a reasonable price.

Our goal to is design, develop and test quality fishing tackle and bring this to your door.

This was all going well and then Covid 19 hit......................

Upon realising the ongoing impact of Covid 19 not only in Australia but also around the world I knew in order to keep my business viable I needed to look at other options and products.

As I love the outdoors and walking in the bush along with metal detecting and prospecting, I simply shifted my focus slightly to see what gap there was in this market. What are the things that I carry for a day prospecting? How much gear do I need to take and what's the easiest way to do this. With this in mind I am now looking at expanding into dirt fishing and new branding and products will be under Dirtfisho. 

So back to research and what is available and what would make it easier for people new and experienced. So I am currently on this new journey of idea's and testing. 

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Lazyfisho and Dirtfisho my goal is to be the best I can be and look forward to helping as many customers and friends as we can along the way.






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