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Topwater Sportfishing

Topwater Sportfishing Charters


capt. Jason Legg

Jason Legg has been involved in the charter industry and guiding since a very young age. Jason and his father ran Sport fishing charters all up the south East Coast of NSW.

From about 13 Jason started crewing for his father and obtained his coxswains ticket while he was at high school. he then finished his master 5 ticket once he finished school. Jason then went  to Cairns at the age of 18 and has been guiding and crewing up here ever since. Jason has crewed for some well-respected captains like Dan McCarthy and Sharky Miles. he then went onto became head guide for nomad Sportfishing (world renowned offshore Sportfishing company).

Jason's partner (Katie) and himself started Topwater Sportfishing charters in 2018.

Jason has always wanted to provide the best of both worlds but being able run topwater GT charters and chase giant black marlin off cairns (Jason's passion has always been in marlin and GT’s).

Jason has alway been very passionate about his fishing as an angler which has progressed into guiding. he gets the same enjoyment now watching a one in a lifetime fish being caught then my self catching it

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