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Our fishing rod bags where designed to make it easy for a day by on on the water. We looked at what was available and then spoke to people about what would be needed or what would be practical.

So when deciding on the final design for this rod bag we wanted a rod bag that not only would protect your rod, it had to be able to some how incorporate your reel as well.

Protect your fishing rod from scratches or marks and ensure you don’t bust a guide on the rod.

The new “lazy” Lazyfisho rod bags will protect your rods on your fishing trips.

Thanks to Bruce Baddeley for your idea’s and inspiration for these fishing rod bags.

Velcro at the bottom and up the side to enable you to keep your reel attached and still have it protected. 

These Fishing Rod Bags are water resistant with quality material and stitching.

They come with a loop at the top to allow you to hang when you get home.

Made for Australian conditions.


  • Water resistant
  • Strong stitching
  • velcro bottom and side
  • loop to hang
  • 4 sizes
  • Purple is 5 ft 6'
  • Red is 6 ft
  • Blue is 6 ft 6'
  • Green is 7ft