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Lazyfisho Barb Eye abalone jigs have been tested these on dog tooth tuna, red bass, mangrove jack, silver trevally, kingies, GT's and they perform really well.

These fishing jigs extremely easy to use regardless of if it's slow pitch, high pitch, through to mechanical jigging slow or fast. The unique colours mixed together of a green glow paint and natural abalone are deadly on fish, who find them hard to resist. 

Being an extremely slim profile, they enable the fishing jig to fall fast which will assist when working through water currents to enable you to get to the target species of fish faster.

The durability of our abalone fishing jigs and with added epoxy this will ensure that the fishing jig will last longer against toothy fish.

When looking at you fishing tackle supplies having jigs is a must for any fishing trip and the unique colours in our fishing jigs might be the difference between catching and fishing.

Our fishing jigs are defiantly a must have for anyone who is out on the water fishing and are looking to add some extra arsenal to your fishing tackle. These are available for immediate delivery from our Lazyfisho online fishing tackle store. 


  • Abalone shell
  • High glow paint
  • Amazing balance
  • Hard coating 
  • Highly reflective to attract fish
  • Quality hard finish with quality epoxy 5 coats
  • Trademark Lazyfisho Barb eye to attract the curiosity of the fish
  • Slim design
  • lead lure
  • 150 g are 18 cm long