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Our Lazyfisho Barb Eye wooden sinking stickbaits were designed in Australia and are made by Asian craftsman, then shipped direct to us. This enables us to be able to get quality stickbaits made not only with the highest quality also at a great price. This then enables us to pass those savings on to you.

We realised early on that in order to deliver consistent quality wooden stickbaits we needed to find a manufacturing company that would deliver consistent results and thankfully we have now found one.

So now we are able to source directly from the manufacturer to deliver directly to you, high quality and at a competitive price. Made for fishing all over the world these will handle any top water species that you throw these at. From GT’s to Red Bass and everything it between it doesn’t matter if you are fishing above the flats or on pressure system these stickbaits will help you land these fish.

Our Lazyfisho designed stickbaits do not come with hooks so this with enable you to put treble hooks or single hooks on to your specific requirement and target species of fish.



  • Patent barb eye to attract fish
  • Wooden 
  • Full through wire harness and crane swivel
  • Amazing even balance
  • Orange and Black have lumo paint
  • Green and Pink have amazing finish
  • Highly reflective to attract fish
  • 125g slow sinking
  • 20.5 cm long
  • Quality hard finish with quality epoxy
  • Excellent for both day and night
  • Traditional style stickbait



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